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Neyborly Community Space

We strive to create vibrant and unique destinations for events, meetings, popups, and daily co-working. Bring your ideas and imagination and we'll help you craft an amazing gathering. From private parties to corporate events, team-building retreats to art exhibitions, we design our creative spaces with style, flexibility, and affordability in mind.

By supporting our business, you allow us to provide display space and retail opportunities for local artists in our community.

Reach out and tell us what exciting plans you have for the space and let's make it happen!



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How it Works...

1)  Read about our spaces to discover the amenities, services, and pricing

2)  Request a quote to rent a space for your special occasion

3)  We'll help you reserve a great space and plan out the booking details

4)  Our on-site team helps you to setup and host an unforgettable event!


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reward the creators

Artist-First Model

We started this project as a way to celebrate and promote those in our community who dedicate their livelihoods to artistic and creative expression.

With the rising cost of living, ever-increasing automation, and sky-high real-estate... the role of artists, makers, and designers in our community has become extremely difficult to sustain.

For these reasons and more, we commit to providing free seasonal display space for local artists, makers, and designers. Our featured artists make 100% of the sales for any work/products sold in our space. We promote their work whenever and wherever possible.  In return, we are able to offer beautiful, unique, and creative spaces for community, social, and professional use.




San Francisco Bay Area

Our Locations

Our community spaces are located in the heart of the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area.  We chose to start in Bay Area because of its storied history and interest in art, culture, and food.  The San Francisco Bay Area is a social, economic, and academic hub for Northern California and home to a pioneering spirit. We hope to contribute to this tradition by creating spaces that can continue to fuel inspiration and collaboration in our communities.