The [ blank ] Space

The [blank] Space

Making space for young brands and entrepreneurs.

At Neyborly, our mission is to make space for everyone. Through The [blank] Space, we will use our prime retail locations as a platform for young digital brands, products, and creators to launch their ideas in a physical space. Our goal is to provide retail and in-store opportunities for anyone.  We will help create  more enriched and engaging in-store experiences and brand activations . We pick a theme and work with brands and creators to provide an immersive experience. It's is more than a rotational pop-up. The [blank] Space incorporates computer vision, e-commerce, design, and culture to bring new concepts to life. Activations will be 3-4 weeks long and include dozens of brands. Apply today to be a part of the magic.

Apply Today
Awesome Reasons to Apply:
  • $0 rent
  • Consignment based model
  • Build exposure and reach for your brand
  • We design the space and hire the associates
  • Show off your product/brand/idea in real life
  • Share your brand story
  • Be featured on our video series and social media
  • Have your product in a prime retail location for 3 weeks
  • Network with other amazing creators and brands

Stay tuned for our upcoming concept

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