Becoming a Featured Artist


We're always looking to showcase new artists, designers, and makers from the region. To the right here you'll see a sampling of the work that's currently on display across Neyborly spaces.

No matter your background, we are committed to providing space for you to share your talents within your community. The Neyborly community exhibits are inclusive and welcoming spaces for those who want to share their creative passions and talents with others.

We are able to exhibit any art or design work that can be hung, suspended, projected, or applied directly to walls or from ceilings. We also love to host furniture, sculptures, and large functional pieces.

If your work does fit our description above, and you're still interested in being a part of the space, below are a few more details about how the Neyborly community exhibit works.


How Our Exhibits Work

In exchange for hosting your wonderful work in our space, we promise to...

-  Provide space for three-six months for you to promote and sell your work

-  Give you 100% of your sales and pass on any leads or interested clients directly to you

-  Show your name, description, contact info, social media, and pricing alongside your work at the community gallery

-  Post about your work on social media and share your work with our followers


To help us do this and stay in business, we ask that you consider...

-  Contributing an hour per month to help improve the exhibit spaces with your skills (design, handy-work, cleaning, consulting, promotion, etc.)

-  Posting and tagging the Neyborly community gallery on social media once in a while


Sound good?

Apply here to be a featured artist