Important Update: Coworking with Neyborly

Hello Neyborly coworkers!

For the spring of 2018 we opened up our community spaces Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, for affordable daily co-working. This was an awesome experiment for the possibilities at Neyborly. Unfortunately, due to increased daytime demand for our spaces and decrease in coworking popularity, we will be closing coworking across all of our spaces - with this week being it's last week.

Neyborly Electric N Vector File-03-01.png

We are not sure what road these public open times will take in the future and we are happy to hear suggestions! It's our intention to continue to be a lively part of the social spaces in the neighborhood; Coworking just didn't seem to work out the way we wanted.

If you would like to visit our spaces to see the open exhibitions, you are still free to schedule a tour!

Thank you, The Neyborly Team