Migrations & Patterns

Exhibition on view at Neyborly: Union Square from March 24th - June 11th, 2018


Ivan Trujillo

I currently draw, paint, and print all of the art that I produce. My pieces are grid based and perhaps the closest category they can be placed into is contemporary art and abstract art. I've been working in this series of drawings, paintings and prints for a while by doing hundreds of sketches in pencil and marker to see the possibilities for this new body of work and it helped me in discovering this theme of double lines for each of the main shapes I create applying Gestalt principles of design.

These artworks had been discovered in my own kitchen, where I split fruit and vegetables in halves and finding meaning within. What I do is to take a close look on them and then reinterpret those shapes with the usage of a grid system.


Greg Crawford

My mixed media works explore human migrations and travels in the quest for a real or imagined Shangri-La. 

I work with the jetsam and flotsam of consumer culture — discarded pieces that are remnants of a personal and collective history. I find inspiration in the alchemy of regenerating the crude colors, shapes and textures of cast-off materials into new contexts and implications. 

The Gold Mountain series explores migration to California as a means to create a better life. 

The Wanderlust series employs ephemeral fragments to examine the human pursuit of happiness. 

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kansas State University. My work has been shown in California and the Midwest. I currently live and work in Oakland, California.