Create Space for Everyone

We opened our first brick-and-mortar gallery in 2016 with the goal of helping makers display their talents in an equitable and dynamic way.  As we went along, we quickly learned that artists aren't the only ones who need supportive and dynamic gathering spaces.

Musicians, doctors, business leaders, activists, and chefs wanted a Neyborly, too. Creativity was our launchpad, but community is the fuel.

Supporting Local Creatives

Bringing neighborhood art, music, food, and design into everything we do

Every Neyborly is home to the neighborhood's distinct passions, talents, and resources. From the catered food to the live music, the featured artwork or the beer on tap, we make sure that our resources stay in the community whenever possible. When you book a Neyborly space, you are helping to support free space for featured local creatives to display their talents. We give 100% of sales to the artists.  It's our tiny way of saying thank you in exchange for displaying their inspiring work.

Affordable & Welcoming

By using our community spaces for a variety of purposes and staying open for long hours, we are able to keep our prices as low as possible.  We believe that community spaces should be accessible to the masses, not just the 1%.  Art, culture, and creativity shouldn't be reserved only for those lucky enough to afford it. So whether you're listening to live music, hosting a baby shower, or holding your board meeting...we are dedicated to providing affordable and accessible spaces

This journey is only just beginning...we're always looking to work with new people, new ideas, and new spaces.

If you'd like to join us and help create a Neyborly community space in your neighborhood, we'd love to hear from you!