Resources for your Reservation

Thank you so much for booking with Neyborly

We're looking forward to your gathering and want to make sure we can do everything possible to make it a success. Below are two important documents to review before your reservation to help you get prepared for your event and give you an idea what to expect.

event booklet.png

Event Planning Guide

This downloadable PDF guide has everything you need to know to get ready for your Neyborly rental reservation.  Everything from parking to WiFi, cleanup to lighting, we have written down the basics for how to best prepare for your upcoming event, meeting, or gathering. 


Private Catering Menu

We've partnered with our favorite local chefs and cafes to give you an outstanding selection of catering options. We select local, high-quality menu items that are delivered to your event, meeting, or gathering. Skip the food pickup, service fees, and hassle and have our local partners cater your event!