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Street-level real estate needs something new. That’s what we do.
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Neyborly partners with landlords to lease and activate street-level properties. We built our brokerage from the ground up to service a new generation of tenants and demand. We provide innovative short-term services, technology partnerships, and business models that attract the new creative class. We focus on long-term matchmaking for tenants and properties, while providing new ways to create value for commercial real-estate.

Activation Service

No more dark spaces or vinyl wraps. We do all the work to source and manage bookings for creative pop-ups and short-term use; you share the revenue. If you’re more creative, we deliver custom, curated activations, too.
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Listing Activity Dashboard

Never request an update from your broker again. Everything you want to know about what’s happening in and around your space is available in your private dashboard, whenever you want it.
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Real-Time Traffic Data

Our in-house sensor technology provides you with real-time data on vehicle, pedestrian, and visitor counts at your property. Tenants get an edge on location prospecting and we ensure better match-making.
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Performance Real-Estate

We’ve built a new way to generate revenue from tenants with proprietary technology - some call it percentage rent on steroids. It’s also the first real-estate app ever approved by Shopify.
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